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Mencius Essays - Philosophy, Confucianism, Ethics, Free Essays

Mencius Essays - Philosophy, Confucianism, Ethics, Free Essays Mencius The rationalist Mencius viewed himself as a supporter of Confucius, and this is actually what he was. He was Confuciuss most noteworthy follower. They were the two educators and made a decent attempt to impact the leaders of their day, despite the fact that the two of them had almost no karma. He was the main modeler of Confucian idea. He included segments and gave others incredible accentuation. Mencius presented the huge part of empathy to Confucianism. He trusted in the basic decency of human instinct and was exceptionally wary of the legislature. Mencius accepted that the characteristics trademark just to man were inborn. These characteristics were jen and yi. Confucius trusted in custom and humankind. Likewise religion as a thought process of right direct concerned Mencius significantly less than it did Confucius. Both Mencius and Confucius accepted that it was the obligation of a ruler to accommodate the government assistance of his kin in both material merchandise and good direction. As indicated by Mencius The individuals are the most significant component in a country; the spirits of the land and grain come straightaway; the sovereign means the least. The ace said He who develops the five fortunes and shuns the five disasters is fit to administer. The five fortunes are being liberal without spending which should be possible by permitting individuals to seek after what is gainful to them, making individuals work, yet just sensible errands, aspiration without avarice, authority yet no self-importance, and he is harsh yet not furious. The four shades of malice are fear, which lays on numbness and murder. Oppression, which requests results without legitimate notice. Blackmail, which is directed through conflicting requests. Administration, which resents individuals their legitimate entitlement s.(p.100, 20.2) Unlike Confucius, Mencius accepted that if a ruler can't give this to his kin than the individuals no longer must be steadfast and on the off chance that they accept firmly enough they can revolt. When Mencius discovered Prince Hui living in the lap of extravagance while his kin were dying for absence of financial changes he said In your kitchen there is fat meat, and in your pens their are smooth ponies, while starvation sits upon the essences of your kin and men bite the dust of craving in the fields. This is to be a brute and go after your kindred men. The two of them accepted that rulers were supernaturally submitted in request to carry harmony and request to the individuals they rule. The ace said lead them by political moves, control them with disciplines: the individuals will get shrewd and improper. Lead them by prudence and control them with custom: they will build up a feeling of disgrace and a feeling of participation.(p.6, 2.3) Confucius contended that th e interests of the individuals ought to be first and the interests of the ruler ought to be last. Mencius stressed integrity of human instinct as the way in to the acknowledgment of social and political noteworthiness. To the extent what is truly in him is concerned, a man is equipped for getting great, said Mencius. That is the thing that I mean by great. With respect to his turning out to be awful that isn't the issue of his local gift. The core of sympathy is controlled by all men the same; in like manner the core of the core of regard and the core of right and wrong.(p.162, 6a6) Confucius said Is goodness far off? When I long for goodness, goodness is nearby. The two of them accept that in the event that you truly need to be acceptable you can, just by really needing to.(p.32, 7.30) They disobediently concur that all men have propensity to be acceptable. Confucius talked parcels about the significant things about what he was accepted to be others conscious and Mencius developed the possibility of mankind. The ace said Whoever could spread the five practices wherever on the pl anet can actualize humankind. Civility, resilience, great confidence, industriousness, liberality. Politeness avoids affronts, resistance win all hearts, great confidence motivates the trust of others, industriousness guarantees achievement, liberality presents authority upon others.(p.86, 17.6) So fundamentally to be empathetic you simply need to rehearse these five things wherever you go to show humankind. As per Mencius individuals are inclined to be acceptable, he says human instinct isn't doesn't show any inclinations for fortunate or unfortunate similarly as water

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Words to Use in College Essays

Words to Use in College EssaysYou don't have to be a math whiz to write an intelligent college essay. However, if you are looking for some words to use in college essays, there are some you may want to consider. The good news is, as long as they are professional sounding and do not add little embellishments, you can use them.The first one is spelling. As much as you may hate it, including a misspelled word or two in your essay will make it look amateurish and therefore make it look unprofessional. In fact, sometimes a little awkwardness in the writing style is more detrimental than anything else. If you use all correct spelling and grammar, it shows that you're a smart writer.There are some words to use in college essays that you might not think of at first. One is professionalism. It's something that has become extremely important to those people who work in schools and universities.Some people would argue that, in order to be professional, you have to be completely formal. That's d efinitely not true. Professional writers write in a way that shows how well-versed they are with their subject matter. They also avoid using slang, which is only going to undermine their professionalism.You can include other words to use in college essays in the same category. This includes nouns, verbs, adjectives, and even numbers. Yes, you read that right - numbers. Most college students are taught to always use numbers when referring to things and activities, so you can show your student that it is a good habit to keep.Finally, there are some words to use in college essays that are true statements. Don't be afraid to put your ideas down on paper in one sentence. However, be sure that your statement is factual and true. You can include facts and figures that are readily available.Use these words to write your college essays. They will add to your student's education and make it easier for him or her to keep up with the writing style of today's university students. They will help them see the world in a new way.Words to use in college essays should never be personal; they should always be facts. For a complete list of words to use in college essays, you can find a list online by visiting our website.

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Contemporar Color Research and Application

Question: Examine about the Contemporar Color Research and Application. Answer: Presentation Tone is one of the primary highlights of shading properties. It is otherwise called the parameter for the appearances of shading. It is a degree wherein a parameter can be portrayed and comprehended from the various hues like red, blue, green or yellow. The given four hues can be expressed as the center hues however we can get various tints of conceals from theories hues. Tone and shading determining Shading guaging is one of the astounding powers for the driving of the design in any material industry. In the style business, hues and tints assume a significant job as all the materials and their plans depend on these components of shading (Kim, 2011). The procedure of shading determining is a momentous result of the twentieth century. Harold Linton, administrator of the Art and Visual innovation of GMU was the principal individual to contribute towards the working of this procedure in the market or in the improvement of the tint factors on the planet. He even composed a book in 1994 on Color Forecasting (Bleicher, 2012). Tone and Color Notation There is a hypothesis in the sudden working of tint and its documentations. The name of the hypothesis is the Munsell shading hypothesis (Jakobson, Pearson and Robertson, 2008). This hypothesis depends on a model which is three-dimensional. Here each shading contains three traits of tone in particular- Tone it is simply the shading Worth it decides if the shading is light or dull. Chroma-it is the brightness or immersion of the shading. These three together structure the HVC (tone, worth, and chroma). The hypothesis of the Munsell shading hypothesis can be set up in a numerical scale like structure to get the various tones of a solitary shading conceal. In a shading documentation framework, each shading has an alternate connection with one another based on the shades. This connection can be intelligently and outwardly saw (Miele, 2004). Shading Theories and Applications in the Middle Ages or Renaissance We as a whole realize that shading is the critical sign for some significant social assignments if there should be an occurrence of craftsmanship and design. On account of any image or any engineering, the shading to be utilized and the tone to be utilized contrast definitely. The shading and the tone assume a significant job in the support of a superior blend as far as workmanship and design (Ignatov, 2012). In the middle age on the time of the renaissance, the shading mix in the fields of craftsmanship and design was extremely significant and intense. Various hues and tints were utilized in the event of painting the canvas or the dividers. The places of worship and different structures had glasses which were shaded or the image was shaped by the blend of numerous hues. Things were not just founded on the hues, a wide range of tints or shades of a similar shading were accustomed to realize the intense impact of the craftsmanship and design which they needed to picture in that thing. Accounts of Jesus and the episodes identified with Jesus and his life were the representations as canvases and compositional quality. This sort of brilliant canvases was for the most part seen in the European nations. Italy was one of the spots of Europe where craftsmanship and engineering were and still is one of the most exceptional in the entire world. Short Bible stories or episodes from the existence history of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary are found in this style of workmanship on the dividers of European nations. Later in numerous pieces of the Earth, this fine art was acknowledged and effectively used (Ignatov, 2012). The above-given work of art expresses the image of The Wedding at Cana. This work of art was finished by Paolo Veronese in the year 1563. In the image a wedding situation is representation. The wedding situation is delineated with all the components in simply the ideal situation concerning where they ought to be. This is a finished image of a wedding of those occasions. The utilization of hues and strokes are so minute an energetic that it is not really recognized whether it is a photo or an artwork. The nature of shading and the manner in which it has been utilized to offer significance to minute detail is profoundly valued. References Bleicher, S. (2012).Contemporary shading. first ed. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. Ignatov, I. (2012). The Validity of Russian Exceptionalism: Assessing Theories of Power and Lordship in the High Middle Ages.Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 43(1), pp.1-28. Jakobson, L., Pearson, P. what's more, Robertson, B. (2008). Shade explicit shading memory debilitation in a person with flawless shading observation and shading naming.Neuropsychologia, 46(1), pp.22-36. Kim, Y. (2011). Could eyes smell? cross-modular correspondences between shading tone and aroma family.Color Research Application, 38(2), pp.139-156. Miele, M. (2004). Shading Concepts and the Munsell System.Color Research Application, 29(3), pp.247-248.

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I Dont Want to Do My Essay! What Should I Do

I Dont Want to Do My Essay! What Should I Do? Quite often there are certain challenges that people face in life and at every level of it. Students are always affected in one way or another. This is seen when assignments are given of different kinds and most probably those that involve writing and research. The essay is the most convenient way to impart certain skills into students, skills that they will use later in life. However many students dread writing the essay and other papers based on it. There are several types of essays that students are always required to write within their learning period. These essays have different levels of difficulty and needs, and students are supposed to see that these are met in all ways. But since most of the students do not have the capacity to achieve these, they have to seek help from other sources. It is by this that academic help centers and agencies were established to help students go about their academic chores. Students are humans and thus possess different strengths and weaknesses. This means that students experience these difficulties in writing at different stages of the process. For instance writing essays has different steps involved but tend to differ from one essay type to the next. Whereas some students might get stuck at the topic some get stuck at the research and then writing the entire essay. But with the dawn of essay help sites, students have the choice or rather the privilege of choosing whether to get help or not. These academic solutions centers specialize in different types of essays or academic works or sometimes offer a range of these. It is the thus the duty of the student to choose where to get the help from. Students have diverse problems and thus to solve all of their problems completely a different approach is required. This saw the academic solutions come up with the concept of custom services where every student is assisted individually. Student thus make requests or in some cases orders to these centers and they get their papers done for them at a cost. Many students have testified to the efficacy and proficiency of these sites and agencies. This is because most of these agencies have highly skilled and experienced writers with vast knowledge in different areas of writing and the academic scope. Academic writing sites are growing as there are more and more students who subscribe to the services. The competition in the academic word has forced all students to seek professional help at all levels. In conclusion, there are times when students get helpless and the only way to get out of the situation is to get professional help from recognized essay writing centers. Are you worried about: Who can do my essay for me? Just try our custom essay writing service which works with professional academic writers only.

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Social Workers in Mental Health Facilities and Outpatient...

When thinking about social work, there are different avenues that a worker can explore in this vast field. Because a social workers job is multifaceted, workers can not only integrate themselves in an already created avenue, but can also tailor a field, specifically for a need in the community. Looking at the many different fields in the area of social work, the area of Social Workers in Mental Health facilities and outpatient clinics stands out as an area of depth and interest. This field is important because it allows social workers to play an integral part in assisting patients, some of who have been kept in large inpatient facilities for vast periods of time, to become functioning and active members of society, as they deal with†¦show more content†¦Outpatient Mental Health Clinic offers a wide range of programs including, Individual Psychotherapy, which is treatment between a trained professional and a client. Family and couples therapy is another service offered in th e outpatient clinics. Family and couples therapy, works with couples and families to nurture change and development in those particular situations. It tends to view change in terms interaction between members of the intimate relationship. Group therapy, another option in outpatient services, is when one or more therapists treat a small group of clients as a group. The term can refer to any form of psychotherapy when delivered in a group format, including Cognitive behavioral therapy and Interpersonal therapy, but it is usually applied to psychodynamic group therapy where the group context and group process is explicitly utilized as a mechanism of change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group. For those who suffer from substance abuse, there are often groups and programs created to help maintain sobriety, learn life lessons, relapse avoidance, and NA/AA groups, geared to work with both the mental illness as well as the addiction. In these clinics and facilities, there are often medication evaluations and consultations available, to monitor and help maintain medication adherence, and broaden understanding of the particular medications taken by patients. ThisShow MoreRelatedHospitals And Mental Health Facilities809 Words   |  4 PagesEvery facility has similarities and differences among facilities whether hospitals or mental health facilities. The amount of patients, employees, doctors, treatment, and services are makes the mental health services important in every way. The goals for both of these facilities are to provide outstanding services and patient care to people of mental and behavioral issues. The private mental health service facility from Montgomery County, PA is Central Montgomery Mental Health Mental RetardationRead MoreThe Mental Health Of The Woodstock General Hospital1710 Words   |  7 Pages Social workers in the mental health wing of the Woodstock General Hospital (WGH) are an integral part of an interdisciplinary mental health team that provide patient-centered care through both inpatient and outpatient services. They offer capacity-building program interventions to individuals, couples and families by providing single session walk-in counselling, groupwork, psychiatric evaluation, crisis intervention and inpatient support as well as long term counselling. There are specialized outpatientRead MoreThe Substance Abuse Social Worker1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe Substance Abuse Social Worker Social workers have long worked with people who abuse substances, beginning in the 1800’s with sobriety houses and inebriate asylums, to settlement houses in the profession’s beginnings to developing self-help, consumer-driven programs, designing inpatient detoxification programs, and to applying youth-oriented prevention and education programs. As an addictions counselor, the social worker is a part of a specialized profession that began with the wounded healerRead MoreProviding Mental Health Care Within A Non Medical Institution1022 Words   |  5 PagesA variety of providers provide mental health care in a range of settings with varying levels of expertise. Providers can be roughly categorized into four sections depending on the care they provide. - Providers who are highly trained, they are the specialists such as psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychiatric nurses. They have specialized training in mental health and are licensed by the state to provide the care. - Providers with training in general health care, such as, family practioners, pediatriciansRead MoreHealth Care At Tri County Regional Hospital752 Words   |  4 Pagescornerstone of the community as the hospital has shown growth and opportunity specifically as it relates to Behavioral Health. Pat has demonstrated great management skills and success by being promoted from manager of Tri-County Regional inpatient behavioral health unit to fill the role of Director of Behavioral Health Services as well as becoming the new Director in the Allied Health Services Division of the hospital within a year timeframe. More importantly, while Pat served as manager, he made severalRead More Alcohol and Drinking - Treatments for Alcoholism Essay examples1903 Words   |  8 PagesTreatments for Alcoholism      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Where can alcoholics receive help? â€Å"Hospitals, psychiatric agencies, public-welfare departments, and social agencies, among others are often reluctant to provide care and treatment for problem drinkers† (Plaut, 53). Although it is difficult to help these problems drinkers, many people will give all they can to help these problem drinkers. â€Å"The provision of treatment to problem drinkers is complicated because they differ from one to another in so many ways†Read MoreGoing from a Healthcare Center to a County Public Hospital Essay867 Words   |  4 PagesHealthcare facility will provide healthcare or the residents of Eastern Jefferson County. It will provide inpatient care and an all-inclusive range of outpatient amenities including emergency care, diagnostic imaging, Laboratory, physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgical services and sleep medicine. In addition, Burrows healthcare will be initiating five primary clinics and home health hospice agency. The Burrows Healthcare will hire workers at the onset of operations of around 500 workers whichRead MoreA Brief Note On Preventative Medicine And Education1130 Words   |  5 PagesEducation Poor health and homelessness has been connected through multiple studies. Having poor health can cause homelessness. On the flip side, being homeless can also cause poor health. Being homeless brings a list of complications including limited access to getting proper health care. This causes the health of the homeless population in the United States to be worse than that of the general population. Common health problems in the homeless population include: mental health problems, substanceRead MoreArea in Social Care Im Interested in1471 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Social Care is a profession committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for individuals and groups with identified needs. Social Care Worker plans and provides professional individual or group care to clients with personal and social needs†. (Share, 2009). In this essay I have been asked to research an area in social care that I am interested in. I am also asked to explore the role of a social care worker in my chosen area. I have defined social care and aRead MoreI Visited Wilmington Health Access For Teens For A Field Experience Observation1211 Words   |  5 Pagesvisited Wilmington Health Access for Teens for a field experience observation. Through this experience I observed different types of people seeking care in the clinic. Some people I saw in the clinic were African American females with children and Caucasian females. People who come into the clinic are seeking medical assistance and following up on routine examination appointments. I learned of different barriers when accessing care at the clinic and types of presenting health problems among adolescents

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The Global Fitness And Athletic Clothing Stores - 1637 Words

I. SITUATION ANALYSIS The global fitness and athletic clothing stores industry generates more than 1.9 billion US dollars per annum (IBISWorld, 2015). Lululemon Athletica provides high quality apparel for the ever-growing global health conscious population (WHO | World Health Statistics 2015, 2016). A SWOT analysis (Appendix 1) illustrates potential and weakness of this hugely successful brand. Furthermore, environmental factors can play a role in the company s operations. Macro Environmental Factors – Demographics forces make up the market segments therefore it is an important factor to any business. Including, age, gender, ethnicity, location, lifestyle and other statistics (Grewal, Levy, Mathews, Harrigan, Bucic, n.d.). The†¦show more content†¦In order for a company to gain a superior position in the market, the company needs to analyse their competitors’ products, prices and strategies and offer better benefits or products to the consumers. II. MARKETING GOAL Increase overall brand awareness and also increase market share by 2% in the next 12 months. III. MARKETING STRATEGY Target Market Lululemon continues to pursue a strategy of focused differentiation, concentrating on a consumer segment concerned with health and fitness (lululemon athletica, n.d.). An in-depth research portrays Lululemon s main focuses of marketing campaigns for women; however, they do carry products for men as well. Lululemon describes its target customer [as] a sophisticated and educated, middle-aged woman who understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. (Lululemon Athletica, Inc. - Annual Report, 2016). Also, Lululemon portray their product image as: independence and confidence, targeting women who are willing to spend on exercise apparel (Lululemon Athletica, Inc. - Annual Report, 2016). They benefit from the growing number of people that participate in yoga, their primary target. Although, Lululemon intends to increase the percentage of products sold to different demographics for different needs, believing this will continue to increase their market share as product range broa dens (lululemon athletica, n.d.). For Lululemon to optimise their opportunities, a further look at

Accounting Theory and Issues Accounting

Questions: 1. Describe about the Critique of Commonwealth Bank applying theory of Accounting theories of issues?2. Describe about the Critique of conceptual framework applying theory of accounting theories and issues? Answers: 1. Commonwealth Bank: The Senate report had stated that the customers of the Commonwealth Bank had lost all their lives savings that amounted to millions of dollars when the executives of the bank invested the money of their clients in the securities that were exposed to high risks without the permission of the customers. (, 2015) The National Australian Bank had reported that the bank had paid millions of Dollars towards the compensation to more than 700 customers. (, 2015) In the month of October during the year 2008, the financial planner of the CBA Jeff Morris had alleged the Bank to have involved in a high profile forgery and in the act of dishonesty and concealment of the material facts. But the fact was just uncovered after 16 months when the ASIC had launched an investigation. The bank had repeatedly kept the regulator and the public in the dark and there was no report whatsoever about the same. (, 2015) The annual report of the bank 2008 reports that neither the bank nor any of the entities that are controlled by it are engaged or are exposed to any sort of litigation or claim that is likely to have an adverse impact on the financial position of the bank. (Commonwealth Bank, 2008) The main reason behind the failure of the bank was the practice of the bank of high risk lending. This led to building up of the losses after the financial crisis. It was reported that the bank kept on giving the loans to the parties whose financial condition was continuously deteriorating. (, 2015) The following people were charged with the conspiracy of committing the fraud and multiple numbers of unlawful participation in the loan activities: Edward J. Woodard Simon Hounslow Stephen G. Fields Troy Brandon Woodard Thomas E. Arney Dwight A. Etheridge If proved guilty, then they will serve 30 years in prison. A strong financial report is the one that leads the investors to understand the performance and the profitability of the company with the least figures. The first thing that comes in front of their eyes is the income statement. The income statement of the banks shows an increase in the revenue and a corresponding increase in the profit of the period. The cash flows showed a decrease in the amount of cash and cash equivalents. A strong financial report is indicated by the increased revenue, net income. The annual report of the bank showed an increased revenue for the period under consideration. (Small Chron, 2015) The bank was under scrutiny during the period of 2008, this could have resulted in litigation and levy of the penalties but the fact was never disclosed. Further, the annual report of 2009 or annual report 2010 showed a decrease in the net profit but it never stated anything on the litigation that it was exposed to. (Commonwealth Bank, 2010) (Commonwealth Bank, 2009) The bank could have easily overcome the heavy penalties if it had assessed the financial position of the organizations to whom the loans were made or the riskiness of the securities in which the investment was made. The annual report of 2009 states that it has all the policies and systems in place for the following: For review of the fair treatment Equal Employment Opportunity Occupational Health and Safety Recruitment and selection Performance management Talent management and succession planning Remuneration and recognition Employee share plans Supporting Professional Development Further, it also states that all the decisions taken by the bank are transparent and undertaken with utmost honesty and values and openness but the scandal showed otherwise. The Libertarian Ethics means freedom. It means the individual freedom. The choice of investment in the securities was made but the choice was wrong that led to the loss of savings of many. Both the auditor reports of 2008 and 2009 were unqualified. 2. General purpose financial reporting: The general purpose financial reporting caters to the different needs of the different users, such as the creditors, financial institutions etc. these users have to take the decision whether they should associate with the company or not. The report further indicates whether the company is using the scarce resources that are available with it in the most efficient manner and that there is no wastage. Further the report states whether the management is taking the decisions that are right for the entity or not. The following are some of the qualitative characteristics that makes the financial information of use: Its relevance: the information provided must be useful to the user. The information provided must be true and correct and must show the correct financial position of the organization. Further, the characteristics includes comparability, verifiability, timeliness and understandibility. For the reason of comparability, the company must use the consistent accounting principles so that comparison could be made between the statistics of 2 or more years. (IFRS, 2015) General purpose financial reports shall provide information useful to users for making and evaluating decisions about the allocation of scarce resources. The AASB 1053 provides the framework of 2 tiers of the reporting requirements for the preparation of the general purpose financial statements. The following entities are required to prepare the general purpose financial statements which forms the part of the general purpose financial report: The entities for not profit The entities under the Australian Government and State, Territory and Local Governments (AASB, 2015) The following is the example of the not for profit organizations that prepare a general purpose financial report: Royal Freemasons' Benevolent Institution Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund (Probono Australia, 2015) The general purpose financial reports requires the entities to get their financial statements audited aby an auditor so that it could be ascertained whether the financial statements represent a true and a fair view of the financial position. The auditor has to give a declaration that he is expressing his opinion free from any bias and that he is exercising his judgement to the fullest level. (ANAO, 2015) à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ ¹The sustainability report are required to be prepared by all the companies and organizations of all the types, sizes and from all the sectors. The report states the impact of the operations of the entity on the environment, society and what it is doing to compensate for the damage that is being done. (Globalreporting, 2015) The report of any entity cannot be said to be free from any bias since it is the result of the interaction between the corporation and the environment in which it operates. This is the political economy theory. The legitimacy theory states that the corporate continuously ensures that is operating within the rules and regulations and that they abide by the same. They have to ensure this since, otherwise it would attract heavy penalties. Each and every entity is required to follow a doe of conduct to ensure that all the practices are adequately followed and that there is no fishy business in the same. Further, it ensures that the management is accountable to its stakeholders. The conceptual framework shows the basic concepts that are used in the preparation of the financial statements. When this framework is followed by all the entities in the same sector, then enables benchmarking and comparison. (IFRS, 2013) References: ABC News, (2014). Command boss says sorry to customers who lost millions in financial planning scandal. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from ABC News, (2015). Bad financial advice costs NAB millions in compensation. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). Sustainability Reporting. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). IFRS - Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). USDOJ: US Attorney's Office - Eastern District of Virginia. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). | Pro Bono Australia. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from Small Business -, (2015). Key Indicators on a Financial Statement That a Company is Profitable. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). AASB 1053. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). Preparation of Financial Statements by Public Sector Entities. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). Annual report 2008. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). Annual report 2009. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). Annual report 2010. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from, (2015). A Review of the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from Yeats, C. (2015). The man who blew the whistle on CBA. Financial Review. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from